Glitter and ghouls

By guruscotty November 6, 2019 No Comments

By Deborah Dove
Photo courtesy of L Makeup Institute

A makeup school is opening in Southlake Town Square that will teach students how to make people pretty or as horrifying as your worst zombie nightmare.

The course syllabus at this school will make your head spin.

Classes at the L Makeup Institute include bald cap construction, teeth molding, hair application, injury simulations such as cuts and bruises, and the creation of zombies and other horrifying creatures. An advanced prosthetics class takes students to the next level with the skills to create a fully developed character.

All of this in the friendly confines of Southlake Town Square.

The shopping center site will be the second location of the Las Vegas-based L Makeup Institute and is set to open in 2020, company officials say. An information gallery is open for the curious and prospective students, at 110 State St., in a two-story, 18,000-square-foot space next to Corner Bakery.

Besides learning to create ghouls, a more traditional career track of makeup artistry will be offered.

“The decision to open a school in Southlake Town Square was driven by demand for accredited education in an area that is central to most parts of Dallas-Fort Worth,” says Lissette Waugh, founder and education director of L Makeup Institute.

Classrooms will be on the second floor, and while the special effects area — with its ovens, molds, masks and fake blood — might look like something out of a mad scientist’s lab, L Makeup also has something for Town Square shoppers. A retail store on the bottom floor will have a glitter bar, sell high-end cosmetics, and offer makeup application classes and in-house services.

For more information, visit the gallery in Town Square or go to ­