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By Debbie Anderson March 24, 2021 May 7th, 2021 No Comments

Photo Finish

Photo by Meda Kessler

As the Texas winter gave way to spring, we visited Grapevine’s Parr Park Rock Art Trail early one Saturday morning. The trees were beginning to bud, birds were singing, and the occasional squirrel was scampering in the woods. As the power walkers passed us by, we slowed our pace and caught up with a mom and her two young children. The kids darted from side-to-side across the paved path, checking out the brightly painted rocks and exclaiming that each one was their new favorite. Begun by Grapevine resident Ron Olsen — and eventually supported by Grapevine Parks & Rec — the rock art trail was established to give families a bit of hope and joy as they spent time outside during COVID-19. The Olsen family painted a few rocks and laid them alongside the trail at the end of March 2020; soon, each side of the path began to fill in with rocks donated by locals and sent from around the world (many are sealed to preserve the intricate artwork). There are rocks with messages of inspiration, paintings of people’s pets, school logos, cartoon characters, military-inspired artwork and so much more. And a year on, it’s still an evolving place of wonderment and joy for the young and old. Find directions and learn more at facebook.com/parrparkrockarttrail.