By Debbie Anderson August 19, 2021 No Comments

Southlake is loud and proud when it comes to its gridiron men-of-the-hour who represent the town, the school and a football program steeped in a past as celebrated as any in the history of the state.

On the to-do agenda is a district championship and a deep playoff run in the postseason, when playing Thanksgiving weekend is merely part of the tradition. And not just anyone puts on the green and black of Southlake Carroll High School. This edition of Carroll’s varsity football team features a senior-laden, experienced squad that has been there and done that. Without further ado, here are your 2021-22 Carroll Dragons. 

Avyonne Jones
1 Senior, DB

Owen Allen
2 Junior, RB

Owen Ohser
4 Senior, WR

Corbin Duwe
5 Senior, WR

Landon Samson
6 Senior, WR

Jacob Jordan
7 Sophomore, WR

Carter High
8 Sophomore, DB

Brady Johnson
9 Junior, WR

Jon Cox
10 Junior, DB

Josh Spaeth
11 Senior, DB

Kaden Anderson
12 Junior, QB

R.J. Maryland
13 Senior, WR

Clayton Wayland
14 Sophomore, WR

Allan Kleiman
15 Senior, LB

Zach Phillips
16 Senior, DB

Jake Whillock
18 Senior, WR

Logan Anderson
19 Junior, DB

James Lehman
20 Sophomore, RB

Luke Ledbetter
21 Senior, DB

J. David Sparks
23 Junior, DB

Max Reyes
24 Senior, DB

Barrett Baker
25 Senior, DL

Zach Engelhardt
26 Sophomore, DB

Maddux Reid
27 Sophomore, RB

Aaron Scherp
28 Sophomore, LB

Eric Garza
29 Sophomore, DB

Nate Gall
30 Senior, LB

Hunter Smith
31 Senior, DB

Benicio Porras
32 Senior, LB

Travis Keener
34 Senior, DL

Seaton Stumphauzer
35 Senior, DB

Sloan Miller
36 Senior, LB

Trevor Tachibana
37 Senior, DB

Mark Thomas
38 Senior, LB

Cuatro Smart
39 Senior, DB

Jacob Marsh
40 Senior, RB

Sam Forman
41 Senior, DB

Austin Page
42 Senior, TE

Vansh Shah
43 Senior, DB

Tice Purpura
44 Junior, DL

Ryan Knese
46 Senior, DB

Tyler White
47 Junior, K

Reed Frieling
48 Senior, DL

Quinn Ruiz
49 Senior, DB

Brock O’Quinn
50 Junior, DS

Cade Parks
52 Junior, DL

John Martin
54 Senior, OL

Nicholas Molinaro
55 Senior, OL

Jackson Underwood
60 Junior, OL

Walker Anderson
61 Senior, OL

Andrew Cunningham
62 Sophomore, OL

Connor Wedinger
64 Senior, OL

Arthur Clayton
66 Junior, OL

Joey Baker
71 Senior, OL

Jake Hall
72 Junior, OL

Andrew Perez
74 Junior, OL

Garrett Brown
77 Junior, OL

Noah McFarland
79 Senior, OL

Will Sosa
80 Senior, WR

Gavin Williams
81 Senior, WR

Collin Williams
82 Senior, WR

Erik Bussmann
83 Sophomore, WR

Wes Bowers
84 Senior, WR

Harrison Hibbs
85 Senior, WR

Josh Neely
86 Senior, WR

Brody McNew
87 Senior, K

Matthew Forman
88 Senior, WR

Harrison Moore
89 Sophomore, TE

Kyle Middleton
90 Junior, DL

Calder Bray
91 Senior, DL

Freddie Cruz
92 Senior, DL

Grayson Repass
93 Senior, DL

Dustan Mark
94 Sophomore, DL

Zack Carter
95 Senior, DL

Jonathan Miller
96 Senior, DL

Jayke Coberly
97 Senior, DL


  • Ryan Strange 33 Senior, DB
  • Kendric Pettigrew 45 Senior, RB
  • Lou Petkus 51 Senior, LB