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Photo Finish

Photo by Ralph Lauer

The north part of Southlake abuts the Cross Timbers forest, where wildlife abounds, including white-tailed deer. From late spring through summer, we spot fawns trailing behind their mothers, crossing streets, yards and horse pastures. More than once, a doe has left her fawn in the unmowed corner of our property while she leaves to feed. I always have a camera at the ready for these instances. One spring day, we turned into our driveway, surprising a mom and her baby. As the doe took off, the fawn ducked into the shrubs between our house and the one next door. I snuck a few photos before leaving it alone. If you see a fawn hidden this way, there is no need to do anything. Unless the fawn is crying or appears to be injured, know that it is fine and doesn’t need your intervention. Just enjoy the sighting. Mama will return. Text and photo by Beatriz Terrazas