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By Debbie Anderson September 24, 2022 September 25th, 2022 No Comments

Photo Finish

Photo by Jeremy Enlow

While summer’s drought was an endless litany of “hot temperatures, plenty of sunshine and no rain in sight,” fall has been mighty fine, so far. We marvel at the clusters of puffy white clouds on sunny days. We park the car to admire the show-stopping pink-and-orange sunsets. We smile as banks of blue-black nimbostratus and cumulonimbus clouds gather, signaling another welcome rainstorm. Mother Nature’s bonus is lightning — Texas experienced more strikes than any other state in 2021 — which is frightening and awe-inspiring. When brilliant white spider veins streak through an ominous dark sky, we “ooh and aah” at them more than at any man-made fireworks. Photographer Jeremy Enlow captured the bonus of stars and a cloud-shrouded moon in this image.