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By Debbie Anderson January 20, 2022 No Comments

Among the items we’ve stocked up on recently is birdseed. We’re holding our breath over a possible repeat of last February’s winter blast — or any cold snap that lasts more than a couple of days — and want to be prepared. Last year, bird-watching from the comfort of our house brought us joy and anxiety, as we were happy to see feathered friends gathered around the feeder but worried about their ability to survive the worst of the weather. Every day, we’d check for tiny tracks in the snow and note sightings in our bird book. We can’t control the weather, but keeping our feeder full is one sure way to make our yard a welcome hangout. There’s comfort in that thought. So, along with stocking up on fixings for chili and wood for the fireplace, we have bags of sunflower and millet carefully stashed, ready for the season.

Photo by Beatriz Terrazas