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By Debbie Anderson March 23, 2021 May 7th, 2021 No Comments

Haute Horsepower

Photos by Ralph Lauer

It’s a gray and foggy morning, but that doesn’t stop the Cars & Coffee faithful from getting up early on a Saturday in late February.

The monthly Southlake event has dodged the really bad winter weather, and car lovers are ready for a little eye candy, even if the gloomy conditions have cut down on the usual number of participants.

But as we hike in from the distant parking lots, it feels like a spring awakening as brightly colored vehicles — from exotics to vintage — dot the staging area. Already weary of winter’s brown landscape, we are happy to see a gorgeous palette along with all that horsepower. While it’s hard to ignore the quiet sex appeal of a matte black Aston Maartin, it’s a white Ferrari with green and red stripes that wins our personal “best in looks alone” award.

Those colors never go out of fashion. Other stylish paint jobs include a Subaru in a bold yellow (under the hood, too) and electric blue; the orange Lamborghinis, both in a cool shade and the warmer, almost reddish hue; a vintage Caddy in a royal purple; and a vivid turquoise Porsche that turns a lot of heads and stars in a lot of selfies.

Want to check out more than just the paint job? Cars & Coffee Southlake is typically held the fourth Saturday of each month, with occasional special events. Follow on social media for location and other information:  instagram.com/carsandcoffeesouthlake.