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By Debbie Anderson August 18, 2022 No Comments

Production Values

By Carlos Mendez
Photos courtesy of Carroll ISD

Game time equals hands-on experience on scoreboard operation for Carroll interns

The scoreboard at Carroll football games displays more than just points, live shots and advertising. It also shows the hard work of Carroll ISD students.

The school district operates a Communications, Marketing and Sports Information internship program. Students in the system get a hands-on education in the production of the “game experience” for the thousands of fans who flock to Dragons football games.

The familiar sights and sounds on any scoreboard begin somewhere, and these students are learning how that content goes from the sideline to electronic sightlines.

“The primary purpose is for them to learn basic use of sideline shoulder-mounted cameras, a stationary deck camera at the press box and a bird’s-eye view of in-game production and videoboard equipment at Dragon Stadium,” says Beth Robb of the Carroll ISD Communications & Engagement Department.

The program, which began in 2010, engages 20 to 25 students in grades 10 through 12. The busiest time is football season, which is understandable to anyone who lives in Texas. It’s another facet of support for Dragons football and other sports like soccer, which also uses Dragon Stadium. Commencement exercises offer another opportunity to get content on the board.

“Our interns work closely with the communications/marketing and athletics departments to ensure any and all necessary support is provided to each program during the production of varsity home games,” Robb says. “Each Friday night is a balance of showing Dragon fans live shots of the game, instant replays, a ‘fan cam,’ as well as displaying myriad paid ads, promotions and other marketing efforts.”

Carroll isn’t the only district with such an internship program. Today’s media market is rich in opportunity for aspiring audiovisual producers and technicians.

In Southlake, the students get plenty of chances to light up the scoreboard.

“Students are not graded for their work,” Robb says. “They volunteer for this program in order to gain hands-on experience.”

Look at the scoreboard, take in the visuals.

Looks like an A-plus.